Yes, we do custom printing!

If you're shopping around for the lowest price, the fastest turnaround or the highest quality in custom apparel, you may as well flip a coin. There are plenty of capable (and comparable) screen printers in the city, and we'd be more than happy to recommend some to you. 

Our goal at House of Local isn't to replicate what's already out there or compete with the big guys. It's not to compete with anyone. 

It's to flip the script in an industry that does things simply because "It's the way they've always been done" and to give others the helping hand we wish we would have had when starting our own lifestyle brand

Simply put, traditional printers don't care which blanks you use, what your designs look like or how many shirts you sell. They have huge expensive machines that only make money when they're spinning. The result is high minimum orders, complicated pricing schemes, restrictive limitations and mass production.

At House of Local, we simplify the entire process - from creative to sourcing to pricing to customization options to e-commerce solutions to fulfillment. And we do it all with superior customer service, firsthand experience navigating the custom apparel industry and a personalized approach to your unique needs.

So whether you're a dreamer with a design on the back of a napkin, a small business just breaking into the world of merch, or an established clothing brand looking for options beyond the status quo, hit us up at houseoflocal@weheartwinnipeg.