Since launching We Heart Winnipeg a few years ago, we've introduced a total of 14 collections (and counting). Between all of the shirt types, shirt sizes, shirt colours, ink colours and design placements we offer, that's a total of more than 90,000 (!!!) variations. Needless to say, inventory control became a tad tricky. 

So instead of guessing how much of each colour, design and size to carry - or simply hoping you'll wait for the next restock - we've decided to give you full control over what you order. 

While we still plan on restocking our core collections on a regular basis and offering them in-store at House of Local, Handpressed by We Heart Winnipeg will ensure that you get the exact shirt you want - when you want it. From shirt type and collection to size and colour, you choose every single element from start to finish, resulting in a customized creation as unique as you are.

Ready, set, build!


* All BYOS orders are currently available for pickup at 680 Watt Street only (we'll send a pickup notification when they're ready)

* Current turnaround: 10-14 days