Not so long ago, we were just a couple of dreamers. Our goal: to start a clothing company celebrating the city we love to call home. 

Five years, one pandemic and hundreds of hurdles later, We Heart Winnipeg is everything we could have hoped for – and more.

But it hasn’t come easy.

From sourcing to screenprinting to shipping to inventory to storage, it seemed that every step forward resulted in two (or three) steps back. We would solve one problem, only to have another sprout up in its place. There was just so much we didn’t know, and the bigger we grew the more we had to learn. 

So naturally, we weren’t surprised when others started coming to us with the exact same questions we had when we were starting out.

An illustrator wanting their latest design on a hoodie. A community centre wondering how to run an online fundraiser. A NICU nurse hoping to get matching tees for her entire unit. A local boutique wanting to collaborate on an exclusive product line. And countless other small businesses looking to design and sell their own custom apparel.

Of course we were more than happy to answer all of their questions, and even worked with a few of them on custom projects.

But all the while, we knew there had to be a better way.  

Honeycomb is that better way.


Our main goal with Honeycomb is to help you do you.

To help creators spend their time actually creating. To help entrepreneurs and small business owners minimize their workload, maximize their profits and spend time building their businesses. To help fundraisers hit the bricks. And to help our fellow dreamers focus on the big picture and chase those goals.

Simply put, we streamline the custom apparel process.

From design to sourcing to printing to e-commerce to marketing to shipping, delivery and fulfillment. We literally do it all.

And better yet, we do it all on demand. No minimum orders, no overhead, no storage, no monthly fees, no stress.

Whether you need a single tee for a customer halfway around the world, a hundred shirts for your corporate Christmas gifts or a thousand shirts for your upcoming pop-up market, we got you covered.

While we're busy in the background working on Honeycomb's standalone website, feel free to give us a follow @honeycombwpg and reach out at honeycombwpg@gmail.com