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Cedarwood Cleansing Candle

Cedarwood Cleansing Candle

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This all natural candle is lightly scented with cedarwood essential oil and fresh cedar sprigs from the cedars in my back yard right in the wax! Bringing the properties of cedar into your home, this candle gives off a gentle woodsy aroma, coupled with the soft crackle of the wood wick, making any room feel instantly more comfortable! Cedar is used across many cultures to clear negative energy and invite healing! **please note that the essential oil is from the wood of the cedar tree, not the needles, so it has a more woodsy aroma, so the candle will smell more of the wood than the needles. Please also note that essential oils in candles give off a much milder smell than fragrance oils, so my aromatherapy candles are mild!

- 9 fluid oz

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